Message from the Governor

Hafa Adai and welcome to this website. The Administration is pleased to bring you news and information from the government of Guam's Executive Branch. This website is designed to give you easy access to the divisions and offices of this agency and provide links to other agencies, including the Governor's Office.

In this website you will find information including an agency directory and other financial, administrative and policy details. We are providing you this information to give you more access to the operations of your government.

The Administration welcomes you to look through this website as we continue our commitment to transparency and accountability in government. We encourage you to submit your comments and questions by e-mailing the agency head or other contact shown on this site.

Please also visit the official Office of the Governor of Guam website at for more information on the Administration's policies and activities.

We thank you for visiting this website as we continue to build a strong foundation for the future of Guam. Thank you and may God bless you always!


Sinseru yan Magåhet,

I Maga' låhen Guåhan
Governor of Guam

Courtesy of Guam Homeland Security "Easy Ways to Help Prepare Your Family for Disasters"