Employee Association

"The Port Authority of Guam Goodwill and Morale Association (PAGGMA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the morale and welfare of its members and all employees of the Port Authority of Guam. Its primary mission is to foster unity, collaboration among its members, by way of creating and coordinating activities to provide social and civil interaction amongst employees and the community".

PAGGMA Officers:

  • President – Raymond B. Santos
  • Vice President – John B. Santos
  • Secretary – Jessica C. Drilon
  • Treasurer – Pia A. Castro
  • Sergeant at Arms – Jacqueline A. Cruz
  • Parliamentarian – Betty Ann Wusttig - Perez
  • "To become a member or for more information, please contact Jennifer A. N. Leon Guerrero at 477-5931 ext. 240".

Member's testimony:

Jessica C. Drilon

"Having been a member myself for about two years now, I can say that I have taken part and enjoyed just about every planned activity by PAGGMA. I have, in some activities, been a "voluntold" event planner. But it is in being an active participant of the planning stages that you feel the rewards of being a member. You see the excitement in the employees' faces; you feel the positive vibes coming through. And in the end, after all is said and done, you can sit back and say, "we did it; we all did, and I'm glad I was able to help". It is when you can feel and say this that you know that whether you are a member or not of PAGGMA, you are indeed a member of the Port Authority of Guam family. Being a member gives employees reason to be proud, reason to shine. When PAGGMA is involved in community events, it's PAGGMA as a whole, not any one individual member".