Equipment, Berthing and Facilities


Cargo is efficiently handled by modern equipment that includes 3 rail–mounted gantry cranes (40 LT capacity), 7 top lifters, 2 20-ton heavy lift forklifts, 32 tractors and a fleet of other forklifts of various load capacities. The maximum reach outside the normal fenders used by the land-based gantry cranes, with spreader is 120 feet. The maximum lifting height above the quay level, at maximum reach is 85 feet.



The Port has four berths, adjacent to its compound, with 2,700 linear feet of wharf space alongside dredged depths of 28 to 35 feet. Pier F-3 is used primarily for fishing vessel and tenants performing fishing operations while Piers F-4 to F-6 accommodates containerships and general cargo vessels and passenger ships. Future infrastructure developments include the construction of Pier F-7 extending the wharf by 900 linear feet. Each of these four berths can service container vessels with a maximum beam of 33.55 meters. The Port also has access to two additional berths Pier F1 and Golf Pier managed by private counterparts, for fuel tankers.


General Cargo, Passenger Vessels, Fishing Vessels
Length: 650 ft., 85 ft. wide paved in front of shed
Depth: 28.5ft.

Port Authority of Guam


Foxtrot–4, 5, 6

Container and General Cargo. May accommodate two full container vessels, three smaller breakbulk and container vessels, and other smaller vessels (60-200 ft.) Reconstruction completed in 1998 after severe earthquake damage in 1993.
Total Length: 1970 ft.
Depth: 32-36 ft.

Port Authority of Guam


Hotel Wharf

Passenger and fishing vessels, some general cargo.
Length: 500 ft.
Depth: 26'

Port Authority of Guam

Golf (Mobil) Pier (Fuel Pier)

Liquid Bulk Tankers. Operated by Mobil Oil, Guam.
Length: 370
Depth: 50 ft.

Port Authority of Guam

F-1 (Shell) Pier (Fuel Pier)

Liquid Bulk, LP Gas. Operated by Shell Oil, Guam.
Length: 550 ft.
Depth: 70 ft.

Port Authority of Guam


Container Yard

40.5 acres of storage area.
124 stalls equipped for reefer containers

Port Authority of Guam



The Port compound comprises of 40.5 acres of storage space, along with the maintenance and repair facilities encompassing approximately 53,600 square feet. The storage yard provides space for containers, automobiles, and general cargo storage. This well-lighted, secured area includes 858 stalls for chassis mounted containers and 124 stalls equipped with plug-ins to serve refrigerated containers.