On March 29, 2019, the Port General Manager Rory Respicio welcomes the Board of Directors, Management and staff, guests, family and friends in celebration of the SilibrasionSåkkanCHamoru – Manhita Marianas.

Port employees: Heavy Equipment Mechanic Leader William Hudson, Welder Leader Roy Mendiola, and Welder Supervisor Jose Tedtaotao were recognized as supportive to their staff serving in the guard/reservist and was presented with the "PATRIOT AWARD" .  The award reflects the efforts made by the Port of Guam as an Employer to support citizen warriors through a wide range of measures while serving in the Guard/Reserve.  Presentations were made by Chief of ESGR Don Clark, Vice Chair General Benny Paulino, Employer Outreach Director Cathy Gogue, ESGR Training Director Dina San Nicolas and Guam-CNMI ESGR Volunteer Diane Martos.  Congratulations to the award recipients!